DWM-hiltjo: my windowmanager configuration

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As you might know DWM is a very minimal windowmanager: https://dwm.suckless.org/. It's known to only have the most essential features one needs, everything else is "do-it-yourself" or extending it with the many available patches. The vanilla version is less than 2000 SLOC, because of this it's quite easy in my opinion to see how it works and modify it.

I really like my configuration at the moment and want to share my changes. Some of the features listed below are patches from suckless.org I applied, but there are also some changes I made.

Disclaimer: this configuration is entirely made for my personal preferences so you might not like it at all :)


  • Titlebar:
    • Shows all clients of the selected / active tags.
    • Divide application bars evenly among available space (awesomewm-like taskbar).
    • Colour urgent clients in the taskbar on active tags.
    • Left-click focuses clicked client.
    • Right-click toggles monocle layout.
    • Middle-click kills the clicked client.
  • Tagbar:
    • Only show active tags.
    • Colour inactive tags with urgent clients.
  • Layouts:
    • Cycle layouts with Modkey + Space (next) and Modkey + Control + Space (previous).
    • Fullscreen layout (hides topbar and removes borders).
  • Other:
    • Move tiled clients around with the mouse (drag-move), awesomewm-like.
    • Add some keybinds for multimedia keyboards (audio play / pause, mute, www, volume buttons, etc).
  • ... and more ;) ...

NOTES: I removed application icons (_NET_WM_ICON support), but if you want it for some reason you can find it in the history of this repo. Pertag-like behaviour is also removed since it's wrong. Cycling through urgent clients is also removed.


git clone -b hiltjo git://git.codemadness.org/dwm


Screenshot showing what dwm-hiltjo looks like