Gothic 1 game guide

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Disclaimer: Some (including myself) may find some of these hints/exploits cheating. This guide is just for educational and fun purposes. Some of these hints/tips apply to Gothic 2 as well. I got the meat exploit from a guide somewhere on the internet I can't recall where, anyway kudos to that person. Some of the exploits I discovered myself.


Widescreen resolution

Gothic supports widescreen resolutions with a small tweak, add the following text string as a command-line argument:


This also works for Gothic 2. Here 1920 is the width, 1200 the height and 32 the bits per pixel, change this to your preferred resolution.

Fix crash with Steam version

Disable steam overlay. If that doesn't work rename GameOverlayRenderer.dll in your steam folder to _GameOverlayRenderer.dll. I strongly recommend to buy the better version from The GOG version has no DRM and allows easier modding, it also allows playing in most published languages: German, English, Polish, furthermore it has some original artwork and soundtrack included.

Upgrade Steam version to stand-alone version and remove Steam DRM (Gothic 1 and 2)

You can install the Gothic playerkit and patches to remove the Steam DRM.

WorldOfGothic playerkit patches:

Play Gothic in a different language with English subtitles

If you're like me and have played the English version many times, but would like to hear the (original) German voice audio or if you would like to play with different audio than you're used to, then you can copy the speech.vdf file of your preferred version to your game files. Optionally turn on subtitles. I've used this to play the English version of Gothic with the original German voice audio and English subtitles. This works best with the version from GOG as it allows easier modding.

Easy money/weapons/armour/other items

Steal from Huno

At night attack Huno the smith in the Old Camp and steal all his steel. Then make some weapons and sell them with a merchant. When you ask Huno about blacksmith equipment it will respawn with 5 of each kind of steel. This is also a fairly good starting weapon (requires 20 strength). Also his chest located near the sharpening stone and fire contains some steel as well, lock-pick it. The combination is: RRLRLL. The chest contains at least 20 raw steel, forge it to get 20 crude swords which you can sell for 50 ore each to a merchant. This will generate some nice starting money (1000+ ore) :)

Steal weapons from the castle in the Old Camp

This tip is useful for getting pretty good starting weapons.

Before entering the castle itself drop your ore (Left control + down for me) in front of it. This will ensure when you get caught (and you probably will ;)) no ore will get stolen by the guards. Now use the "slip past guard" technique described below and you should be able to get into Gomez his castle. Run to the left where some weapons are stored. Now make sure you at least steal the best weapon (battle sword) and steal as much as you can until you get whacked. I usually stand in the corner since that's where the best weapons are (battle sword, judgement sword, etc). You'll now have some nice starting weapon(s) and the good thing is they require very little attributes (about 13 strength).

Free scraper armour the New Camp

In the New Camp go to the mine and talk to Swiney at the bottom of "The Hollow". Ask who he is and then ask to join the scrapers. He will give you a "Diggers dress" worth 250 ore. It has the following stats: + 10 against weapons. + 5 against fire. This will also give you free entrance to the bar in the New Camp.

Unlimited water bottles in the New Camp

In the quest from Lefty you will be assigned to get water bottles from the rice lord. He will give you infinite amounts of water bottles, in batches of 12.

Armour amulet and increase HP potion

In the Old Camp in the main castle there are at least 3 chests with valuable items that don't require a key:

  • Middle right side (looking from the entrance), 1 chest:
    • lock combination: LLLLRLRL
    • loot:
      • +15 against weapons, +15 against arrows (amulet of stone skin) (worth: 1000 ore)
    • additionally there are 2 locked doors at the right side in this room. In the final room there are 3 floors with lots of chests.
  • Left side, 1 chest:
    • lock combination: RLLLLLRR
    • loot:
      • +8 mana amulet (worth: 600 ore)
      • 2 potions (+70 hp)
      • dreamcall (weed)
      • 120 coins (worth: nothing)
  • Right side, 2 chests with:
    • lock combination: RLLLRLLR
    • loot:
      • armour amulets, +15 against weapons (worth: 600 ore)
      • maximum life potion, +10 maximum life (worth: 1000 ore)
      • speed potion (1 minute duration)
      • 4 potions (+70 hp)

Swamp/Sect Camp harvest twice

In the swamp-weed harvest quest you must get swamp-weed for a guru. After this quest you can get the harvest again, but you can keep the harvest without consequences.


Slip past guards

This exploit is really simple, just draw your weapon before you're "targeted" by the guard and run past them, this bypasses the dialog sequence. When you're just out of their range holster your weapon again, so the people around won't get pissed off.

Works really well on the guards in front of the Old camp's castle, Y'Berrion templars and New Camp mercenaries near the Water magicians, just to name a few.

Meat duplication

Go to a pan and focus / target it so it says "frying pan" or similar. Now open your inventory and select the meat. Now cook the meat (for me Left Control + Arrow up). The inventory should remain open. You'll now have twice as much meat as you had before. Do this a few times and you'll have a lot of meat, easy for trading with ore/other items as well. This exploit does not work with the community patch applied.

Fall from great heights

When you fall or jump from where you usually get fall damage you can do the following trick: slightly before the ground use left or right strafe. This works because it resets the falling animation. There are also other ways to achieve the same thing cancelling the falling animation, such as attacking with a weapon in the air.

Experience / level up tips

Test of faith (extra exp)

You get an additional 750 exp (from Lares) when you forge the letter in the new camp and then give it to Diego. You can still join both camps after this.

Fighting skeleton mages and their skeletons

An easy way to get more experience is to let the skeleton mages summon as much skeletons as they can, instead of rushing to kill the summoner immediately. After you have defeated all of them: kill the skeleton mage.

Permanent str/dex/mana/hp potions/items and teachers

When you want to get the maximum power at the end of the game you should save up the items that give you a permanent boost. Teachers of strength, dexterity and mana won't train over 100 of each skill. However using potions and quest rewards you can increase this over 100.

You should also look out for the following:

  • Learn to get extra force into your punch from Horatio (strength +5, this can't be done after level 100 strength). Talking to Jeremiah in the New Camp bar unlocks the dialog option to train strength at Horatio.

  • Smoke the strongest non-quest joint (+2 mana).

Permanent potions in Sleeper temple

This one is really obvious, but I would like to point out the mummy's on each side where Xardas is located have lots and I mean lots of permanent potions. This will give you a nice boost before the end battle.

Permanent potions as reward in quests

Always pick the permanent potion as a reward for quests when you can, for example the quest for delivering the message to the High Fire magicians (mana potion) or the one for fetching the almanac for the Sect Camp. Don't forget to pick up the potions from Riordian the water magician when you're doing the focus stones quest, it contains a strength and dexterity potion (+3).

Random/beginner tips

  • If you want to talk to a NPC, but some animation of them takes too long (like eating, drinking, smoking) you can sometimes force them out of it by quickly unsheathing/sheathing your weapon.

  • When in the Old Camp: Baal Parvez can take you to the Sect Camp, he can be found near the campfire near Fisk and Dexter. Mordrag can take you to the New Camp, he can be found near the south gate, slightly after the campfire near Baal Parvez.

    When you follow them and when they kill monsters then you also get the experience.

  • The NPC Wolf in the New Camp sells "The Bloodflies" book for 150 ore. When you read this book you learn how to remove bloodflies parts (without having to spend learning points). After you read the book and learned its skill then you can sell the book back for 75 ore. This investment quickly pays back: Per bloodfly: sting: 25 ore (unsold value), 2x wings (15 ore each unsold value).

  • The templar Gor Na Drak (usually near the old mine and walks around with another templar): talking to him teaches you how to learn to get secretion from minecrawlers for free.

  • The spell scroll "Transform into bloodfly" is very useful:

    • A bloodfly is very fast.
    • Can also fly over water.
    • The scroll costs 100 ore. Its the same price as a potion of speed, but it has no duration (just until you transform back).
    • You have no fall damage.
    • You can climb some steep mountains this way.
    • Some monsters won't attack you, but some NPCs will attack you.
    • Your attribute stats will temporary change.
    • It requires 10 mana to cast (low requirement).

  • Almost all mummies that are lootable in the game (Orc temple and The Sleeper temple) have really good loot: permanent and regular potions and amulets and rings.

In conclusion

When you use the tips described above Gothic should be a really easy game and you should be able to get at a high(er) level with lots of mana/strength/hp.

Have fun!