Idiotbox: Youtube interface

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Idiotbox is a low-resource Youtube interface. For viewing videos it is recommended to use it with mpv + youtube-dl.

For more (up-to-date) information see the README file.


In my opinion the standard Youtube web interface is:

  • Non-intuitive, too much visual crap.
  • Too resource-hungry, both in CPU and bandwidth.
  • Doesn't work well on simpler (text-based) browsers such as netsurf and links.


  • Doesn't use JavaScript.
  • Doesn't use (tracking) cookies.
  • CSS is optional.
  • Multiple interfaces available: CGI web, CLI, gopher (gph), this is a work-in-progress.
  • Doesn't use or require the Google API.
  • CGI interface works nice in most browsers, including text-based ones.
  • On OpenBSD it runs "sandboxed" and it can be compiled as a static-linked binary with pledge(2), unveil(2) in a chroot.


  • Some Youtube features are not supported.
  • Uses scraping so might break at any point.


git clone git://


You can view it here.

Search example.