twitch: application to watch Twitch streams

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Update: as of 2020-05-06: I stopped maintaining it. Twitch now requires OAUTH and 2-factor authentication. It requires me to expose personal information such as my phone number.

Update: as of ~2020-01-03: I rewrote this application from Golang to C. The Twitch Kraken API used by the Golang version was deprecated. It is now rewritten to use the Helix API. It also has a Gopher version now. You can still find the old code here: twitch-go.

This script allows to view streams in your own video player like so the bloated Twitch interface is not needed. It uses the Twitch Helix API and is written in C.


  • No Javascript, cookies, CSS optional.
  • Works well in all browsers, including text-based ones.
  • Has a HTTP CGI and Gopher CGI version.
  • Atom feed for VODs.


git clone git://