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2021-05-13 15:43tests: add another title testHiltjo Posthuma1+3-0
2021-05-13 15:04improve title parsing, must match either the amount of bytes or have only - or = on a lineHiltjo Posthuma2+19-1
2021-05-13 14:58treat "---\n" as ruler (hr)Hiltjo Posthuma2+3-0
2021-05-13 14:49tests: add more test-casesHiltjo Posthuma1+10-2
2021-05-13 14:48improve attribute parsing for links and images + do not output empty titlesHiltjo Posthuma1+16-16
2021-05-13 12:41small code-style and "malloc" -> "realloc"Hiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2021-05-13 12:39add reading from file feature back, improve man pageHiltjo Posthuma2+32-15
2021-05-13 12:21Makefile improvements, remove LIBOBJ which wasnt usedHiltjo Posthuma1+23-18
2021-05-11 16:00testdoc: add some tests for titlesHiltjo Posthuma1+19-0
2021-05-11 15:59change it so titles don't require the exact amount bytes/columns of - and =Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2021-05-11 15:44fix a regression in parsing when a link contains () + minor style fixHiltjo Posthuma1+7-7
2021-05-11 15:43tests: add 2 link testsHiltjo Posthuma1+4-0
2021-05-11 15:33image: allow title or dimensions and allow them in any orderHiltjo Posthuma1+32-24
2021-05-11 15:33testdoc: add test for an unclosed quoted title attributeHiltjo Posthuma1+2-0
2021-05-11 15:30tests: add some testsHiltjo Posthuma1+10-0
2021-05-11 15:30LICENSE: reorder, maintainer of this forkHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2021-05-11 15:30add -l option to set lazyload hint for images that have dimensionsHiltjo Posthuma2+9-2
2021-05-11 00:29some code simplificationsHiltjo Posthuma1+3-6
2021-05-11 00:28rewrite man page to the mdoc formatHiltjo Posthuma1+25-22
2021-05-11 00:23Makefile: package README and test file "testdoc"Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2021-05-11 00:22rename documentation to READMEHiltjo Posthuma1+0-0
2021-05-11 00:21fix undefined behaviour, cast for ctype functionsHiltjo Posthuma1+5-5
2021-05-11 00:19remove parsing "--"Hiltjo Posthuma1+0-4
2021-05-11 00:19code-style pass #2, else blocksHiltjo Posthuma1+7-8
2021-05-11 00:17micro-optimization: fputc (function) -> putc (possible macro)Hiltjo Posthuma1+6-6
2021-05-11 00:13code-style pass #1, also using sizeof(char) is retardedHiltjo Posthuma1+196-164
2021-05-11 00:01add pledge support, remove file argument optionHiltjo Posthuma2+18-8
2021-05-10 23:57testdoc: add some tests for image dimension featureHiltjo Posthuma1+9-0
2021-05-10 23:54remove LICENSE header in C file, please see the LICENSE fileHiltjo Posthuma1+1-6
2021-05-10 23:54remove smu.hHiltjo Posthuma1+0-19
2021-05-10 23:52order includesHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2021-05-10 23:51simplify mallocHiltjo Posthuma1+4-7
2021-05-10 23:48strip trailing whitespace from links also if theres no titleHiltjo Posthuma1+2-1
2021-05-10 23:47add support for image dimensions and fix a crashHiltjo Posthuma1+14-3
2021-05-10 23:43Makefile: simplify, respect system flagsHiltjo Posthuma2+27-56
2021-05-10 23:42only escape quotes in attributes, in HTML text nodes it's not needed and uglyHiltjo Posthuma1+24-7
2021-05-10 23:41LICENSE: start forkHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2019-10-03 11:24Handle empty lines with whitespace in listsKarl Bartel1+10-6
2019-10-02 20:20Fix blockquotesKarl Bartel1+16-6
2019-10-02 11:07Lists only continue when using same markerKarl Bartel1+5-3
2019-10-02 11:06End list when indent is not reachedKarl Bartel1+2-0
2019-10-02 11:03Fix paragraphs after rulerKarl Bartel1+1-1
2019-09-29 16:46Support literal quotes in titlesKarl Bartel1+3-2
2019-09-29 16:16Keep HTML comments in outputKarl Bartel1+1-0
2019-09-29 15:36Ignore single space around code spanKarl Bartel1+8-0
2019-09-29 15:27Skip empty lines at end of code blockKarl Bartel1+6-0
2019-09-29 15:27Code blocks need four spaces indentationKarl Bartel1+1-1
2019-09-29 15:02Code blocks should contain the ending newlineKarl Bartel1+2-2
2019-09-29 14:57Allow link target in angular bracketsKarl Bartel1+7-0
2019-09-28 21:27Handle nested parens in linksKarl Bartel1+16-5
2019-06-21 07:22prepare v1.5Enno Boland1+1-1
2018-03-27 07:45documentation: fix languageEnno Boland1+1-2
2018-03-27 01:47Yhis is not a wordslump641+1-1
2017-08-17 06:11Merge pull request #6 from nabijaczleweli/masterEnno Boland1+11-10
2017-08-16 23:40Make documentation slightly more Englishnabijaczleweli1+11-10
2016-01-20 22:13fix shortlinks when -n is not given. #4Enno Boland1+2-2
2014-11-28 09:12remove useless .hgtagsEnno Boland1+0-42
2014-11-28 09:10prepare 1.4 release.Enno Boland1+1-1
2014-11-28 09:09rework BUGS section in manpage. Point users to github.Enno Boland1+1-1
2014-11-28 09:08update license.Enno Boland1+1-1
2014-11-28 09:07apply whitespace cleaning by Hiltjo Posthuma. Thanks mate!Enno Boland1+3-4
2014-11-28 09:06apply img and anchor support written by Hiltjo Posthuma. Thanks mate!Enno Boland2+49-7
2014-05-14 21:43Merge pull request #3 from Ypnose/masterEnno Boland1+1-1
2014-05-14 20:32Remove newline after <p>Ypnose1+1-1
2014-02-23 20:51Merge pull request #2 from mstevens/masterEnno Boland1+2-2
2013-12-07 18:24Minor english improvements to docsMichael Stevens1+2-2
2013-06-23 09:19Merge pull request #1 from mrdomino/masterEnno Boland2+8-2
2013-06-22 19:59Fix escaping with surroundsSteven Dee2+6-2
2013-06-22 20:05Add test case for non-processing in "`"Steven Dee1+2-0
2008-07-03 06:55small fixes reported by Johannes. Thx btw :)Enno Boland (Gottox)1+2-2
2008-07-02 07:43adding reallocz, adding workaround for segfault, some reformating.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+21-9
2008-07-02 06:03removing libsmu.c. I thought it was already gone...Enno Boland (Gottox)1+0-557
2008-07-01 20:10don't remove comments when -n is set.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+1-1
2008-07-01 20:01rewriting dohtml, adding docomment, rewriting arg-loop.Enno Boland (Gottox)2+108-95
2008-06-28 19:06Adding args unlib patch.Enno Boland (Gottox)3+567-26
2008-06-18 06:00turning smu into a library, thanks arg.Enno Boland (Gottox)5+602-561
2008-03-16 13:19Added tag 1.3 for changeset 4faa926444a2Enno Boland (Gottox)1+1-0
2008-03-16 13:19version 1.3Enno Boland (Gottox)1+1-1
2008-03-16 12:48typo fixEnno Boland (Gottox)1+1-1
2008-01-29 11:59new ascii logo.gottox@work1+3-4
2008-01-28 13:13preventing from unwanted output.gottox@work1+2-3
2008-01-28 13:10More documentation; fixed dosurroundgottox@work2+51-41
2008-01-28 12:08Removing unsigned where values are signed :/gottox@work1+23-23
2008-01-26 11:45Added workaround for strong and emphatic texts.gottox@rootkit.lan1+3-1
2008-01-22 09:50renamed smutest into testdoc. Added documentation. Changed copyright.gottox@rootkit5+193-3
2008-01-14 13:27Added tag 1.1 for changeset 08f7f8e8aa42gottox@rootkit.lan1+1-0
2008-01-14 13:27version 1.1gottox@rootkit.lan1+1-1
2008-01-14 13:27Remove blank linesgottox@rootkit.lan1+0-4
2008-01-14 13:27Added smutestgottox@rootkit.lan1+59-0
2008-01-14 13:19dogtlt filledgottox@rootkit.lan1+17-0
2008-01-14 12:52<hr /> is now more proper.gottox@rootkit.lan1+9-5
2008-01-14 12:43smu handles big files correctly now.gottox@rootkit.lan1+2-2
2008-01-05 21:55hr works again. It's a little hacky :/gottox@rootkit.lan1+3-2
2008-01-04 11:04Removed comments and unneeded replace rules ('- - -' should be readded later.)gottox@rootkit.lan1+2-16
2008-01-04 10:52dd function dogtlt; added Szabolcs' patchgottox@rootkit.lan2+138-115
2008-01-01 19:02dolineprefix can now work without newblockgottox@rootkit.lan1+8-3
2008-01-01 14:30Fixed bugs reported by nsz_gottox@rootkit.lan1+2-1
2008-01-01 13:56Added tag 1.0 for changeset 3ad9696d5e22gottox@rootkit.lan1+1-0
2008-01-01 13:56version 1.0gottox@rootkit.lan1+1-1
2008-01-01 13:52renamed project to smu - simple markupgottox@rootkit.lan6+578-578
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