Gopher HTTP proxy in Go
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2018-05-07 16:50fix issue with processing querystring in gopher urlsHiltjo Posthuma1+4-0
2018-02-27 19:07improve searchHiltjo Posthuma1+9-10
2018-02-20 19:40use HTTP method GET for formHiltjo Posthuma1+9-5
2018-02-20 19:02let the browser determine the Content-Type for the image typesHiltjo Posthuma1+3-1
2018-02-20 18:58improve content-type and filename for binary file downloadHiltjo Posthuma1+13-6
2018-02-20 18:48dont try to send headers when there is an error with servedir()Hiltjo Posthuma1+3-2
2018-02-20 18:47log IPHiltjo Posthuma1+4-2
2018-02-20 18:47improve IPv6 parsingHiltjo Posthuma1+22-17
2018-02-20 18:15show underline on links on :hover, minor code-styleHiltjo Posthuma1+5-4
2018-02-20 18:10rc_gopherproxy: remove newlines before EOFHiltjo Posthuma1+0-2
2018-02-18 13:06workaround a bug in Dillo with <pre>Hiltjo Posthuma1+5-5
2018-02-18 12:45initial versionHiltjo Posthuma6+393-0