DWM-hiltjo: my windowmanager configuration

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DWM is a very minimal windowmanager. It has the most essential features I need, everything else is "do-it-yourself" or extending it with the many available patches. The vanilla version is less than 2000 SLOC. This makes it easy to understand and modify it.

I really like my configuration at the moment and want to share my changes. Some of the features listed below are patches from suckless.org I applied, but there are also some changes I made.

This configuration is entirely tailored for my preferences of course.


  • Titlebar:
    • Shows all clients of the selected / active tags.
    • Divide application titlebars evenly among available space.
    • Colour urgent clients in the taskbar on active tags.
    • Left-click focuses clicked client.
    • Right-click toggles monocle layout.
    • Middle-click kills the clicked client.
  • Tagbar:
    • Only show active tags.
    • Colour inactive tags with urgent clients.
  • Layouts:
    • Cycle layouts with Modkey + Space (next) and Modkey + Control + Space (previous).
    • Fullscreen layout (hides topbar and removes borders).
  • Other:
    • Move tiled clients around with the mouse (drag-move), awesomewm-like.
    • Add some keybinds for multimedia keyboards (audio play / pause, mute, www, volume buttons, etc).
  • ... and more ;) ...


git clone -b hiltjo git://git.codemadness.org/dwm


Screenshot showing what dwm-hiltjo looks like