Saait: a boring HTML page generator

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Saait is the most boring static HTML page generator.

Meaning of saai (dutch): boring. Pronunciation: site

Read the README for more information about it.

I used to use shellscripts to generate the static pages, but realised I wanted a small program that works on each platform consistently. There are many incompatibilities or unimplemented features in base tools across different platforms: Linux, UNIX, Windows.

This site is created using saait.


git clone git://


  • Single small binary that handles all the things. At run-time no dependency on other tools.
  • Few lines of code (about 500 lines of C) and no dependencies except: a C compiler and libc.
  • Works on most platforms: tested on Linux, *BSD, Windows.
  • Simple template syntax.
  • Uses HTML output by default, but can easily be modified to generate gopher pages, wiki pages or other kinds of documents.
  • Out-of-the-box supports: creating index page of all pages, Atom feed, sitemap.xml and urllist.txt


  • Simple template syntax, but very basic. Requires C knowledge to extend it if needed.
  • Only basic (no nested) template blocks supported. Hardcoded in config.h.