Sfeed: simple RSS and Atom parser

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Sfeed is a simple RSS and Atom parser (and format programs to add reader functionality).

For more (up-to-date) information see the README file.


git clone git://git.codemadness.org/sfeed

Download releases

Releases are available at: https://codemadness.org/releases/sfeed/.

NOTE: releases for sfeed can be seen as periodic snapshots. I recommend to use the git version.


Screenshot of sfeed piped to sfeed_plain using dmenu in vertical-list mode

The above screenshot uses the sfeed_plain format program (plain-text output) together with dmenu.

It uses the code below (example):

url=$(sfeed_plain $HOME/.sfeed/feeds/* | dmenu -l 35 -i |
	sed 's@^.* \([a-zA-Z]*://\)\(.*\)$@\1\2@')
[ ! "$url" = "" ] && $BROWSER "$url"

Some (more) supported formats: